Choosing a Project


Project Title



Particle Detection in Fluids with Microfluidic Mechanical Resonator Circuits


Benjamín Alemán




Spectroscopic and Thermodynamic Studies of Oil Dispersants at the Oil/Water Interface



Geri Richmond




Inorganic Materials Chemistry for Solar Energy Conversion and Storage



Shannon Boettcher




Developing Heterogeneous Catalysts for the Transformation of Organic Molecules



Amanda Cook




Jamming and The Glass Transition



Eric Corwin




Influence of nanoparticles on RNA structure and function



Vickie DeRose




Electron-Accepting Organic Semiconductors



Michael Haley




Greener Synthesis of Functionalized Inorganic Nanoparticles



Jim Hutchison




Supramolecular Chemistry



Darren Johnson




Interdiffusion and Nucleation at the Interface of Reacting Solids



Dave Johnson




Coherent Matter Wave Manipulation using Diffractive Electron Optics



Ben McMorran




Controlling Properties of Graphene Devices through Surface Chemistry



George Nazin



Imaging-based Approaches for Investigating Microbes and Membranes



Raghu Parthasarathy




The Geometry of Mechanics



Jayson Paulose




Developing New Chemical Tools for Chemical Biology



Michael Pluth




Optical Metrology with Quantum Entangled Light



Michael Raymer




Quantum Measurements and Quantum Dynamical Systems



Dan Steck




Mechanistic Studies of Cell Death



Tristian Ursell


Transient Absorption Spectroscopy during Nanocrystal Growth and Decay

Transient AbsorptionSpectroscopy during Organic Oil Formation

Cathy Wong


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